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The Fallen Ones Gaming Network is a community of gamers and devolpers, all here with the goal of making the best public gaming network period. What started off as a small community of friends has developed into something we couldn't even imagine.


The Fallen Ones staff are friendly, dedicated, and always online to help everything run smoothly. Have any questions? Make sure to reach out to us in discord or the forums!


We run all of our Game servers on state of the art Systems with R.A.I.D 10 SSD drives, Unbeatable DDoS protection, running in leading edge Internap Facilities. Join the fight today!!!


Americas Army 2.5

The classic we all know and love

Americas Army 2.5 Assist Website

Assist 2.5

Americas Army 2.8.5

A newer version of Americas Army with over a thousand user made maps and A.I. to fight. On this version of the game you can find anything from CO-OP escape maps to player vs player maps made by the community. The options are endless in Americas Army 2.8.5 check out our downloads page for an easy install today.

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